A Better Future

Finish School is an awareness initiative for the high schools managed by Accelerated Learning Solutions (ALS).  The high schools are designed for students aged 16-21 who have dropped out, who are at high risk of dropping out or who simply need a different kind of learning environment.

Teacher Mid

The schools in this program are committed to helping solve America's high-school dropout crisis with teacher-led, technology-enhanced learning environments that offer flexible scheduling, a self-paced mastery-based instructional model and intensive on-site wraparound social services.

Our schools provide students the opportunity to get back on track in their learning by building basic skills and meeting requirements for graduation. Looking beyond graduation, we provide extensive career and college readiness training to prepare students with the skills and planning for life after high school.

All ALS schools are SACS-CASI accredited.

How We’re Funded

When a student transfers from a traditional public school to one of ALS’ public charter school, the funding associated with that student follows him or her to the charter school. Public charter schools do not add any new costs to the state’s public education system. We simply move funding associated with a student from one public school to another based upon decisions of families.

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