A Better Future

We are a network of 24 schools with locations in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. Our schools serve grades 9-12 (or 7-12 where middle school is offered) to students through age 21.  We support students who are behind, at risk of dropping out, or who simply need a different kind of learning environment

We believe that education cannot be “one size fits all” and many students just need something different than a traditional high school setting offers. Our schools are small, teacher-led, technology-enhanced learning environments that offer flexible scheduling, a self-paced mastery-based instructional model, intensive on-site wraparound social services, and individualized career and college planning support.

In addition to our traditional curriculum offerings, all of our Finish School locations offer ELL (English Language Learners) instruction for students with limited English proficiency. Our ELL program can be instructed in Spanish, Haitian Creole, and 23 other languages, and is taught by bi-lingual, specialized teachers trained to help first time English learners.

Our schools provide students the opportunity to get back on track in their learning by building basic skills and meeting requirements for graduation. Looking beyond graduation, we provide extensive career and college readiness support to prepare students with the skills and planning for life after high school.

Our schools are tuition-free public charter schools offering an accredited high school diploma (not a GED).

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