The Facts

Back to back champs! For the second straight year, Finish School schools in Florida have been awarded the Florida Department of Education’s highest rating of “Commendable,” as part of its School Recognition Program.

Congratulations to our North Carolina Schools, Commonwealth, Steward Creek and Central Wake, for receiving a grade of "Highly Rated," the top rating for NC schools participating in the state's scholastic accountability program.

Thank you to all the students, faculty, and parents that make our schools some of the best in the state.

High school graduates earn 50% more each year than dropouts. But it’s about more than just money. Read below to get more facts about why you need a high school diploma.

According to the Department of Education, 30.8 percent of young adults (18-24) who do not have a high school diploma live in poverty. That’s more than 25% higher than the poverty rate for high school grads. 

According to a study done by Northeastern University, more than 80 percent of the incar­cer­ated pop­u­la­tion is high school dropouts. 

Workers with less than a high school diploma have the lower labor participation rate and an unemployment rate that’s nearly 40% worse than the unemployment rate for high school graduates

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