Breeonnah began her first year at a traditional high school three weeks into the school year. Her family was struggling with money, lived in a shelter for a period of time and food was scarce. Most students begin their ninth grade year with a new back pack, new sneakers, a new outfit and all of the supplies on the school list. Breeonnahís mother did not have the money for any of it. Instead of sending the kids to school with nothing, she just didnít send them. Weeks went by and by the time Breeonnah went to school for the first time, found her way to her last period class, she decided she would not return to school and dropped out. Breeonnah said it was too difficult to feel like she belonged. For two years Breeonnah remained out of school. By that time, her sister had a baby and also dropped out of high school. Things were looking bleak until Breeonnahís sister found Commonwealth. Both girls signed up on the same day. At Commonwealth, the girls discovered there were more commonalities with the students. They felt at home, and made friends. Breeonnah worked tirelessly for two years, essentially completing four years in two. She stayed both sessions, helped other students when they needed it and graduated with a 3.65 GPA. Although things in her life are still a little shaky, she had the honor of being our class Valedictorian and will attend Central Piedmont in the fall.