Ebony 115842

Ebony is one of five children, and was a star student throughout her earlier years in school. She was on the honor roll and poised to rise up in the ranks of her local public school. However, this was not meant to be. Ebony’s father came home from the military a changed man, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He began to physically and mentally abuse Ebony’s mother, as well as the children. Prior to going into the military, Ebony’s father was a successful engineer, who instilled the value of education in his daughters. But upon his return he was unable to control is rage due to PTSD.

Ebony’s father lost his right hand in a fluke machinery accident at work. What should have humbled him, made him fly into a rage so dark, he began beating his family regularly. Ebony’s mom decided to flee with her daughters in the middle of the night. For a period of time he left them alone and there was peace, so eventually Ebony’s mom allowed her husband to see the girls. The first time he saw the girls, he beat Ebony’s mom for leaving him. Once again, they fled in the middle of the night. This went on for months, as her father stalked them. When Ebony and her sister were attending their local high school they were so terrified by the stalking, surprise arrivals and threats of their father, they stopped going to school. At first they took turns being absent, because they loved their school.

However, as they feared for their mother’s life, they eventually stopped attending school altogether, and lost chance to be an Ardrey Kell graduate. It took a major intervention and a great deal of love, but Ebony’s father finally got help. His medication regiment and new relationship with a caring woman brought him to a place where he could live a life without abuse.

Nevertheless, Ebony and her sister were now too far behind to go back to Ardrey Kell. Ebony’s mom eventually found Commonwealth, where Asia, Ebony’s sister, became Commonwealth’s first valedictorian. The road was not as smooth for Ebony. Diagnosed with a heart murmur and Congestive Heart Disease, she was often out of breath and tired, which caused her to miss school regularly - sometimes for over a week at a time. Once a pace-maker was installed, Ebony bounced back and began attending school on a regular basis. Ebony attributes her success to the flexibility of Commonwealth, and the overwhelming faculty support (specifically, Ms. Garwood her advisory teacher). Ebony attended both sessions, stayed late and attended Saturday school; she is now a proud Commonwealth graduate.