Als Tabatha 973X478

At 17 years old Tabatha was a single mom to two children under three and had barely completed 9th grade.  She had dropped out of traditional high school twice unable to balance school with the demands of parenthood.  When she learned about Stewart Creek High School, she became motivated to avoid becoming another teen parent statistic.  She wanted better for herself and for her children and it was clear that Stewart Creek’s flexible scheduling and wrap-around personal and family supports would be the key to helping her accomplish this!

Over the course of her enrollment Tabatha completed all of her graduation requirements and increased her GPA by 377%!  Through many continued challenges along the way, to include the tragic loss of her brother, she leaned on the support and encouragement offered at Stewart Creek.  In 2018 she made it across the finish line!

After graduation Tabatha enrolled in technical school to become a certified Medical Administrative Assistant.  She has an ultimate goal of becoming an Ultrasound Technician.